Too Lazy For 2016


When you think that all characters from Sanrio World are cute and happy? Nope, here comes Gudetama, the always sad, moody and tired lazy egg. Are you too lazy for 2016? Be as unmotivated as him then.

I have a serious obsession with eggs and can have them every meal, every day and never get sick of them. My mum always tries not to let me eat too much eggs a day. Besides, I love sleeping and am always too tired and lazy to do stuff, so Gudetama and I can definitely be best buddies.

The year-end school holiday has ended and I need to gather my shit together and move my ass back to school again tomorrow (insert a waterfall of tears TT). Some of my friends really love going to school because they play and have fun every day. They talk talk talk and talk non-stop, so they get bored when they are at home, not being able to meet their friends, while I’m the kind that flies up to cloud nine when holiday comes. School may be fun, playing around and creating memories but you go there every day, get locked up, listen to stuff you don’t understand, solve hundreds of complicated questions and feel like sleeping all the time (especially after eating). In a nutshell, I’m just a lazy worm that likes lounging in bed all day long.

You might see me disappearing for a long time after this but I will try to keep updating when I’m free so please don’t be sad pandas and leave me. Keep checking on this website, hit thumbs up on our Facebook page and share it to your friends! Your support is really appreciated. Thank you!

P.S. This is my very own amigurumi pattern. Check it out on the next blog post or the free pattern category!

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