It’s been a century since my last amigurumi project. I picked up the crochet hook and yarns once again last week as I needed to make a 3D model for my Creative Thinking & Idea Generation university course assignment.

There was originally one week time for me to make the model but I did not have any yarn and crochet hook at my dorm so I had to finish this model within two days when I went back home. For the first time, I felt the pressure of time when making a doll (lol). There were even tiny bubbles on my hands after crocheting for hours because my metal crochet hook does not have a comfort grip. The entire doll was made with yarns except for extra embellishments including the guitar, the cloud sticker on her clothes and the ‘Z’ stickers on her hair which were printed and glued on.

The assignment was to create a superhero based on your own personalities and characteristics. She obviously does not look like a superhero that can fight off enemies (laughs). Her powers are weather manipulation, sleep inducement and telekinesis. Weather manipulation is because I love snow and rain so I wish to be able to change the weather. The cloud sticker on her clothes represents this power. Sleep inducement is because I love to sleep but unfortunately suffer from insomnia so it would be great to help people with insomnia fall asleep as it is an annoying sleep disorder. This is represented by the ‘Z’ stickers on her hair. With telekinesis, I can move objects around freely, this power comes from my lazy personality. The guitar works with the weather manipulation and sleep inducement power, where she is able to change weather by playing songs and put people to sleep by playing lullaby. It also represents my love for music as it is something I cannot live without. The pink ball “floating” on her right hand shows her telekinesis power. As for the bunny ears, it’s just because I love animals especially rabbit (pouts).

On our submission day, the entire class was filled with tons of weirddd 3D model. Sir was very uninterested and had a what-the-hell-is-this-shit face the whole time (lol may god save his soul).

Pattern by Amy Chou

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