Penang trip

I went to Penang with my family from 21/3 to 24/3. I have not been to Penang for years. Mum asked me to plan and arrange our tour schedules to decide where we should visit and what we should eat. So I’m basically the semi-qualified tour guide. We skipped all the temples eventhough they are famous because temples really aren’t our cup of tea and we have already visited them the previous time we came.

Day 1

It was a 5 hours journey to Penang island that involved lots of sleeping and phone swiping (z..z..z..). We stopped at Ipoh and had chicken rice for lunch. We reached Penang at around 3 or 4pm and headed to Chew Jetty 姓周桥.

To be honest, there was nothing much to see. It does not really look like a bridge but more like a village on the sea. I wanted to look for a shop called, “Juicylicious”. It has umbrellas on top as decorations. However, I could not find it (sad). It was supposed to be super noticeable but I have no idea why there was no umbrellas anywhere.

This photo of Chew Jetty is courtesy of TripAdvisor


At the end of the bridge, you can enjoy the view of the ocean and city. People crowded there to take pictures.

Then, we walked to see the Penang Street Arts. There are tons of them but we only visited the famous ones.

Like the one you can literally see on every shirt, every food package, every product – the “Kids on bicycle” mural by Ernest Zacharevic.

The “Boy on chair” mural

The “Boy on a bike” mural

And I think this mural is really meaningful.

We stopped at a shop called, “Fruitmade” to rest. The lychee and rose lime ice cream they sell is very pretty and delicious. It is really big too!

We stayed at our uncle’s house that is located near the south of Penang island. It is on top of a hill and is quite a remote area so going everywhere takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Day 2

We woke up early and set off to Penang Hill 升旗山. We took the train/tram up the hill. It looks like a slanted version of MRT (laugh). Then, it was photo taking time~ The weather was a bit gloomy in the morning so the view was not very clear. The good thing is it was not hot and sunny. I hate melting in the sun.

After having some light bites, we set off to find the Tree Top Walk (Curtis Crest) at the Habitat, which is located at the hilltop.

I saw a signboard that says it is 0.1km away but when we started climbing…okay this totally does not feel right cause it’s literally a very very very very long walk and a bunch of shuttle cars passed by us (well, when we got down I realized my mistake on why we did not get to ride the cars – the Tree Top Walk poster pointed to the left while the 0.1km signboard pointed to the right, so we were supposed to go right to get the shuttle cars but we went left and climbed our way up instead *insert unlimited face palms🤦*). When we were on our way, it started drizzling. I was afraid it would start pouring as if it does, the Tree Top Walk will be closed. The good thing is the sky became super clear when we arrived.

The view up here was amazing. You can see the clear blue sky, full view of Georgetown, the two Penang bridges, and the ocean. I have height phobia so it was kind of scary when I walked alone up there. Many people did not know about this place, I’m quite happy I searched online and found out about it.

Curtis Crest – Tree Top Walk

Mum became an ambassador when we came down, busy telling people about this place, showing pictures she took and encouraging them to go up. We were VERY SMART to take the shuttle car to go down the hill. It was 10x faster than us climbing up with half our lives.

At the square, there was a little place for people to buy padlocks and lock them at the bars (like the one at N Seoul Tower, Korea).

The sky was really pretty now so we took photos at the bottom again since the view in the morning was blurry. Mum was busy taking pictures of flowers. We have a view of Penang and clear blue sky but she is more interested in flowers 🤦

For lunch, I wanted to go to a cafe called, “The Lawn Cafe” at Ecogallery but it was closed. I noticed a comment online later that says the cafe is no longer open (sad).

This photo of The Lawn Cafe is courtesy of TripAdvisor

After some rest at home, we came out again before dinner and went to the Avatar Secret Garden. It was so-so. The prettiest part was near the centre where long lights dripped down from the trees. That really looked like the scene in Avatar movie. A couple hired a photographer and wore wedding gowns for photoshooting here. Dad was in charge of giving me and mum lightings with his phone’s torchlight cause it was too dark and you can hardly see your face in the photos.

For dinner, we went to Kimberley street 汕头街 to try the “four kings 四大天王” – 鸭粥粿汁、天皇鸡脚粿条汤、炒果条、四果汤 (Sorry I have no idea how to translate these into English, they do not have English names).


Day 3

Today we headed to Batu Ferringhi, the famous beach at the north of Penang. We stopped at Georgetown and ate nyonya food at Ivy’s Nyonya Cuisine. Nyonya food in Penang is a little different from those in Melaka. Melaka’s is spicier and Penang’s has some Thai food elements.


In Batu Ferringhi, we stayed at Golden Sands Resort. The best thing is you can walk directly down from your room and straight to the beach.

The beach activity workers kept persuading us to try out parasailing. It looks fun but it’s hella expensive so meh.


We ate dinner at a beautiful garden restaurant, called “Ferringhi Garden”.

Day 4

I woke up early to catch sunrise. But the beach is at the north of Penang island so obviously you can’t see the eggyolk floating up at the horizon. At least you can see the pretty sunrise sky. (Heading back to sleep later of course).

After breakfast, we went to the beach again. This time we played the “donut”. It was really fun, sitting on a donut float rocking the waves while the water splashes your face.

yeap that’s us

For lunch, we ate Char Kuey Teow at Gurney Drive.

After leaving Penang island, we stopped at Simpang Ampat to visit the Cotton House Store – my favourite yarn store. I’ve always bought my yarns online from this store but have never visited it physically. The shop is a bit messy but you can find everything you need. And it’s my ultimate yarn shopping time!

That pretty much wraps up our Penang trip. We did stopped at Ipoh again to buy pomelos and smoked duck.

So…now that I’ve restocked my yarn stocks, I believe it’s time to get to work again 😂


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