Paper Flowers

My friends graduated from high school recently (clap clap clap). After going to their graduation ceremony, reading the graduation journal, seeing prom night photos everywhere, I wonder what would it be like if I have stayed, do I regret missing all of this? I have missed so many moments. High school did so much to stop you from leaving. I guess there is no perfect choice in life, we just work hard to make our choices right. We win some and lose some (playing Ed Sheeran – Happier).

Ending high school is like ending a chapter in your life and beginning a new journey ahead. Having friends and acquaintances is normal but having really good friends for years is something very meaningful and worthed cherish. Well, graduation is all about flower bouquets. I was debating between giving real flowers or making paper flowers – I chose the latter. But I really had the thought that if they end up really bad, I would just ditch them and get real ones instead.

I started 3 weeks before the day. Materials: colour papers, foam balls, bamboo sticks, flower wrapping papers, ribbon, glitter and craft glue.

These are the flower making videos I learnt from –

I made 9 purple roses and 4 different colours of I-dunno-what-flower-is-this-but-kinda-looks-like-sakura flowers. I thought 9 roses was a good number as it means everlasting in Chinese. Purple rose actually stands for enchantment but I just made them because it’s my favourite colour and I think they are pretty hahaha.

I have never learnt flower arrangement so I just went with however I like as long as they turn out okay. Well, flowers are already nice so unless I’m stupid enough to stick them all on one side, if not, nothing much could go wrong.

I was pretty satisfied with the flowers but when I brought them to the venue, I still felt embarrassed after seeing everyone with their big bouquets, and there’s me with fake flowers stuck with glue and wrapped unprofessionally. This is when you will think about the Sociology you learn in school – conformity, we conform to others to not feel weird. Maybe I should have just stuck with real ones instead because the fake can never win the real. Everyone likes real stuff more than fake ones.

Thanks to my friend for giving me a free graduation journal

Nevertheless, I hope our friendships last as long as the paper flowers, never fade away.

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