Privacy Policy 隐私声明

Site information 对本网站的访问

JasCutesy operates the website.
本网站由 JasCutesy 拥有和维护。

Types of data collected 数据收集

Personal data including name and email address may be collected when you make a transaction on our site.

Return and refund policy for digital goods 电子商品的退货和退款

Digital products which are downloadable are not eligible for return and refund.

Terms of use for digital goods 版权

You will respect the terms and conditions as designated by JasCutesy that may restrict copying, sharing and reselling of digital products. A digital product may be limited to a certain number of downloads within a defined time period. JasCutesy may temporarily suspend or permanently terminate your access to JasCutesy if you attempt to circumvent such protections.

Contact us 联络

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us via email at or leave a message at