May There Always be an Angel by Your Side


It used to be a hard decision to think of what to give as birthday gifts for my friends, and even bigger problem as I will always be in a dilemma when it comes to making decisions. Not until I can hop straight to making amigurumi for them now. Problems solved!

Amigurumi stuffed toys and dolls are adorable. They take plenty of time and effort to make, and not everyone knows how to make them, so people cherish them more. Most of my friends are like “Omg, can you make this for me?!” every time I post something new online. Won’t you be happy to see your friends showing off their new birthday gifts that are handmade by you?

Normally, I would start making the doll at least a week before my friend’s birthday. Well, they don’t take so long to finish but it’s better to make them slowly, nicely and neatly rather than rushing the progress. And you get to make the head on day 1, body on day 2, features on day 3 and still have a few days left to put the doll on your shelf to admire it before sending it off.

When it comes to deciding what to make for that person, I start off with their characteristics and personalities. Things that best represent or resemble the person or what the person likes best are always the best choices. I made the lion for my friend because Leo is her zodiac (trust me, animal dolls never go wrong), and made the ballerina for another friend because she dances ballet.

To be honest, I don’t really remember which date this friend of mine’s birthday is on (haha, my goldfish short memory). I overheard her friends saying that her birthday is around the corner and that was when I said to myself, I should start thinking of what to make for her. Then, she actually came to me and requested an amigurumi from me, because she really likes all my amigurumi. She said that I can just give her one of the completed dolls but I thought that I know just the right thing for her as it matches her name, plus she always draws an angel every time she leaves messages on cards.

Happy birthday, my friend. And may there always be an angel by your side 🙂

Pattern by Dendennis

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