May the Force be with You


Have to admit that this amigurumi yoda really isn’t a good one, perhaps considered as a kawaii version? I’ve no idea that he would turn out so tiny, especially his head and didn’t know how to make his hood so mehhh let’s just keep him like this for now.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming on screen in cinemas very soon and the fever is definitely on already. Themes, characters and memes about it are seen everywhere, EVERYWHERE. I believe that the Star Wars series will go down in history when they are over as they really are one of the best movies made. I’m not really a huge fan of them but my brother is. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched all of them with my family but don’t remember any of the storylines. Maybe it’s because I watched them when I was young and all I did was watching all the characters swinging their lightsabers everywhere, didn’t understand what was happening. I didn’t even know those “lightsticks” were called lightsabers too at that time. I’ve seen a meme online that says something like to never watch the new Star Wars without having a marathon on all the previous ones. Well, I’ll just consider myself as one of the “watched” people and go ahead to watch this new one.

But even if you don’t watch the series, I’m pretty sure everyone still knows this little green guy with his amazing fighting skills. I bet you guys know Darth Vader and the cute little robot R2D2 (thinking of making an amigurumi of him too). The new BB-8 is really adorable too! This amigurumi yoda did not turn out really nice so my brother was like “OMG are you kidding me?!” when he saw it. Picky fellow hmph! In the end, I gave this yoda to my dad because it’s his favourite character in Star Wars.

I added something like frames around his eyes, just as little details, because those are what he has – thick eyelids? I don’t really understand the part of the pattern for his hood/cape/whatever you call it, so I made it in my own way, by crocheting something like a vest, then picked up stitches for the sleeves (like the knitting techniques). But I still can’t think of how to make a good-looking hood for him, he will look a lot better with it I would say. Well, I might figure it out in future someday, when my skills improve.

So, the force has awakened, have you?

Pattern by Happy Together

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