Mariner of the Seas

Okay, it’s year end holiday again, christmas is here and it’s time for vacation again yayyy! After being on a little cruise in Halong Bay, I really wanted to go on a cruise again. This time my wish came through as my family and I spent 6 days on the Mariner of the Seas. I was astonished by how big it is when I first saw it and was already excited for the whole trip after studying the ship’s info and daily activities.

The ship departed from Singapore (23/12) and stopped at Klang (24/12), Penang (25/12) and Phuket (26/12) before heading back to Singapore (28/12). We went for a little tour around Penang and Phuket but didn’t go down when it ported at Klang. C’mon Klang is just like a few kilometres away from my house. I can literally take ktm, go home, grab some stuff and come back to the ship again (laugh).

My brother and I slept on the top bunk beds. Don’t ask me why but I always love sleeping on the top rather than the bottom even though it can be a little inconvenient sometimes. Every day my brother and I would study the daily schedules and check out what activities we get to go. We can watch shows, go for ice skating, play mini golf, relax in the jacuzzi and so much more. Literally going up and down all of the decks every day.

I really love ice skating but I’m bad at it (sad face). I’ve only skated once in a shopping mall. I managed to get a little hang of it that time, more like walking on ice like a penguin though. It was very different this time, the shoes, the ice…making me struggling hard and literally grabbing the bar every minute to go around. Most of the westerns can skate so awesomely. Freaking jealous hmph!

Mum loved going on the top deck and walk for rounds and rounds. She even wanted to walk at night. You can totally imagine how strong the wind blew when the ship cruised along. I can literally feel myself being blown away O.O

Brother loved to watch the art auction, without bidding of course. Just to know how everything accelerates. Dad’s favourite thing was definitely the free sauna. He went there every day after discovering about it.

The shopping street on deck 5 was lively at all times, bustling with noise and excitement. Raffles and sales were held all the time. People from deck 7 kept winning the raffles so mum was like yeishhhhh! We were more like window shopping every day because Malaysia currency is so small that everything just seems freaking expensive. Christmas night was definitely the best. I’ve never actually celebrated christmas the western way. You can totally feel the celebrative and exciting vibe at christmas night.

I’m considered underage on the ship as I’m under 18 (pout) so I needed a guardian by my side for almost all the activities. The ship even had curfews stating that juniors had to be back to their rooms at midnight. Teens wasn’t supposed to be allowed in casino but it wasn’t really strict so I can still go in with my family as long as I don’t touch anything. At least I get to see how a casino really is. Sure hate the smokey smell and blaring noise.

The bestest moment was definitely the game show. I’ve watched western game shows on TV and they are always really hilarious and fun. Never thought I’d get a chance to actually be in one. I get why it was called an adult game show and discouraged young children when it started as it totally went wild and all crazy in no time. Everyone was supportive and played the game enthusiastically. I was in team 2 and we won in the end. The team that sat at the exact spot the other day got the first prize too so I guess that was a lucky spot.

I’m a small eater and always couldn’t finish my food every day. We usually order a main course and a drink back in Malaysia but on the ship, meals come as starters, main course and desserts, just like a full course western meal. I saw a trivia question one day that asked how many weight does a passenger gain and the answer was 7lbs. Oh my god, my poor little stomach. Hams, broccoli and corns were everywhere so I kinda crave for chinese food after getting off the ship.

We made friends with two Portuguese. We kept bumping into each other almost every day – regular kismet. They were very friendly and we got along pretty nice. Even the portraits of my family and theirs were displayed side by side in the photo gallery area coincidentally. It was their first time to Asia and they really want to get to know it, learn the cultures and enjoy the good food. Asia is so different from Europe and that’s why Asians love going to Europe and Europeans love coming here. Everyone just wants to experience something different and study new things.

It was such an amazing trip and I totally enjoyed myself on the ship. Kinda thinking of becoming a crew member in future (hmm…) because I love the sea, the sunrise, the clouds, and the whole atmosphere in the ship. Travelling and taking photographs let us experience more joy in life, capture a sense of wanderlust, find serendipity and basically just let life show you what opportunities are waiting for you out there in the big world that you couldn’t have even imaged before.

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