Macaron Bear

“Ain’t nobody gonna touch my macaron!”

I’ve only eaten macarons for one or two times but I’m not gonna lie, they taste so good I’m literally in love with them. Maybe it’s because I love sweet and sugary stuffs. The only problem is they are so expensive I just couldn’t get myself to buy it every time (sad face).

Macarons are like total girl’s stuff because almost all of us just really like them. For no reason at all. It’s like we just fall in love with them at first sight. And we all go squealing every time we see them. They are sweet and cute and gives out kinda a romantic feeling. I used to get confused and called them “macaroons” but actually they are totally two different things.

This is macaron

And this is macaroon

The sandwich-like French macaron is more of a meringue cookie, getting its light, airy texture from a combination of almond flour and egg whites that have been gently folded together.

The Southern coconut macaroon, on the other hand, is a hearty lump of sweetness made of shredded coconut and condensed milk.

Macaron accessories like bracelets and necklaces are really delicate and give your outfit a beautiful finishing touch. Joanna from Maqaroon used to sell beautifully designed, 18K gold-plated jewelleries and is famous for her macaron necklaces. But her shop is now closed to focus on her youtube channels.

Here’s a quote that replies to a question that why she used the “macaroon” spelling for her shop –

Yes, I realised there was the spelling issue and I normally use the french version when typing. I think “macaroon” is used more interchangeably in Europe to mean “macaron” as well. When I was living in England I saw it written like that so often I assumed it was just the anglicised version of macaron. In other languages like German, there is no difference and the same word (makrone) refers to the coconut and french version of the cookie.

I think clay is the best handcraft material to create amazing looking macarons. I’ve come across etsy shops that sell really cute handmade keychains and phone earplugs. Such as –

Molly Creations

A Lil Bit of Cute

Felting gives out great result too. Click here to watch Maqaroon’s video tutorial.

Unfortunately, I don’t know either of these so I’ll just stick to my usual crochet amigurumi life.

I actually finished this bear about a week ago but I didn’t have time to post it so I had to procrastinate it till now. I’ve posted it on my social media very early so if you want to get the fastest sneak peek on what I’m working on, it’s best to follow my Instagram @jasminelim_jm because it’s like the quickest way for me to post anything.

Here comes Charmander photobombing while I was trying to take pictures.

It looked a little like bb8 when upside down before I attached everything.

This project is actually inspired by Flying Mio on youtube. Click here to watch the video tutorial. She is talented and good at crafting, able to work with polymer clay, crochet and sewing. I’ve never tried clay, kept poking myself when I sew, failed my first felt piece miserably and the only thing I cut best is yarn. I think it’s really easy to modify because you can just change it into a dog, a cat, a bunny or anything you like. So I might be trying them out one day.

And by the way, it’s the last day of 2016 (insert J-hope’s famous meme).

I wish everyone a successful and blessed year ahead. May every day of the new year glow with good cheer and happiness, bring joy and peace, and come to you as a newly blossomed flower shining as bright as the galaxy.

Happy new year!

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