HO HO HO ~~~


You better watch out,
You better not cry,
Better not pout,
I’m telling you why,
Santa Claus is coming to town!!!






When you want to make something for Christmas but you are too lazy. Okay, let’s just do a round fatty little santa, with no arms, no legs, just a bust with a big round belly. I was literally so DONE with his beard because I had to cut literally 50 strands of yarns, attach them, trim them, and even unravel the plies one by one to make them look nice.

I’ve been giving my amigurumi dolls plenty of haircuts lately, I can probably be a successful barber in future (laugh). Trimming a lion’s mane, tying bun for a ballerina, and now cutting santa’s beard. I can even do layering already! I don’t even know how I managed to finish that lion with his massive pile of mane. Remember how crazy he looked with all the uncut yarns attached (ah yeah, crazy rockstar lion). Now I miss him quite a lot because I’m too lazy to make another one for myself. And the ballerina too! Both of them are the most time-consuming projects I made this year.

I thought this santa bust would stand well but he ended up tilting a little. Oh santa, I guess you’re only good at remembering who’s been naughty this year, riding a sleigh pulled by reindeers, tumbling down from people’s chimneys, sneaking into people’s houses at midnight and giving out presents. Santa, you better give me a nice present this year!

And I learned a new technique through this project – how to make perfect stripes for amigurumi. As you guys can see, we are actually crocheting in a spiral shape instead of a perfect circle so there will be a colour jog if you don’t do something to fix it. This problem happens too when you are knitting stripes in a round but I’ve learnt how to get rid of them from a video by Verypink knits a long time ago (click here). This time, I learn how to solve the crochet one with a video by planetjune (click here). You can check out more about this technique she invented on planetjune.com.

Fixed colour jog

Here’s a picture of the in-progress 2nd santa with jog fixed. You can barely see where the beginning of the round is! This is definitely a very useful technique and makes stripes look a lot nicer and tidier.








There are so many amigurumi stuff to make for Christmas, like gingerbread man, reindeer, christmas tree and so on. Oh boy, Christmas list sure is full! I’m planning to make one for each year instead of making them all at once. I ended up making another one of this as a christmas gift for my mum’s friend who really likes my amigurumi dolls. Hope she likes it!

Pattern by Dendennis
P.S. This website is in Dutch if I’m not mistaken, but it has patterns in English too. Check out the full Christmas bust collection!

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