Happy 2 Year Blogiversary + Furball in the House

Can’t believe I missed JasCutesy’s 2 year anniversary (gasped)! Must’ve been too busy with school stuff. Nevertheless, happy 2 year blogiversary! I haven’t been very active this year and didn’t make many knitting or crocheting projects (sigh, look at the pile of yarns I have at home). However, I can’t promise anything for next year either because I’ve no idea where all my time went too (lol).

Today, I’m just gonna show off a little furball my family and I have in our house a month ago. Tadaa ~

Corgi is one of my favourite dog breeds and I admit I’m a total corgi butt lover (screams). And guess what, a panda lookalike corgi has come to my family. We never really go into pet shops but after having him, pet shops have been our regular destinations because you can never buy enough stuff for him. Yes, it’s a him. Him and his luxurious king life.

He was born on 6 June 2017 and we got him home on 7 October 2017. We gave him the name 暖暖 (Nuan Nuan). For social media purposes, his english name is Summer, which also brings out the meaning in 暖暖 as it means warm. Mum really loves the baby panda that was born in Malaysia (which is going back to China soon) and coincidently, Summer really does look like a panda.

Most people prefer brown corgis because they are often from champion bloodlines and they seem to look cuter, especially with the bread loaf butt.

That is also the reason why brown ones are more expensive. I was rooting for a brown one too but when we went to see the corgis, little Summer caught our attention. Summer is really adorable and lovable. His cuteness makes us melt, especially his butt with a heart white spot and his little short legs.

Everywhere he goes he receives lots of attention and love. People always compliment his cuteness and ask why is he so short (hahaha). 

He brings lots of happiness and laughter to the family for his dorkiness, clumsiness, craziness and cuteness. There are always so many things to laugh at for everything he does. We would take good care of him and love him with all our heart. Follow Summer’s Instagram @summer_corgi to check out his daily stories!

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