When you stan a group from big entertainment company and a group from a small one, you will notice the differences. If EXO started with 20 out of 100, BTS started from 0. Everything they have achieved to get to this point, working their way from nothing to the top, it is strange how the achievements of others can affect you so much, all you feel is nothing but pride for them. Listening to them sing is an emotional experience that feels as though you know them personally but you actually don’t.


The HwaYangYeonHwa series will always be special to all ARMYs because it wasn’t only the era where BTS became more well-known and made a name for themselves in the industry but it was where they discovered themselves as true artists. They composed and wrote their own lyrics, spent a year telling a story with their music and videos. It was just something so beautiful and touching. When they debuted, they had so many hardships and doubts. They were once struggling with their views and now they keep winning on music shows, keep sweeping music charts worldwide, keep breaking new records, keep flying higher and higher. They have become successful without being in the big 3.



Jin came to Big Hit with absolutely zero dancing or singing experience unlike other members. He put in an incredible amount of effort and hard work to meet their level of talent.


Suga opened up about his mental illnesses and having social anxiety and depression in his own words. He became not just an idol rapper but an incredible lyricist and songwriter.


Everyone recognized Jimin and Jungkook for their dancing skills but J-hope is the original choreography leader. This year, ‘Hope on the street’ was born and he finally gotten his own solo intro.


Rap Monster always looks so done with his members’ dorkiness and craziness but he is the one that leads BTS through everything. He is the leader that would choose his members over his own solo.


Jimin has an addiction for practising even though he is already one of the best dancers. He got famous for his abs but without them, would you still love him as the little cutie pie with bright eye smile? Criticism has made him lost so much weight and all his baby fats.


V wasn’t able to reveal himself when all the members were already doing schedules before debut and he did a bunch of vlogs but couldn’t post any of them. He was always called an alien and being 4D but this just shows how he never tries to wrap himself up nicely or change his original personality just to make everyone like him.


Jungkook came to Seoul from Busan when he was 15, had no bonds with anyone and didn’t know anything. His talents made him the golden maknae but who knew the burdens he bears and the weights he carries with this name when he’d stay up late just to practice and get everything perfectly?


Most idol groups are banned from dating before and after a few years of debut as a desperate measure taken by entertainment companies who are worried about fans leaving when they realize their idols are dating. Companies confiscated their phones or some of them voluntarily gave up their phones but BTS was an exception. They had all these indulgences but they didn’t take the luxury to sidetrack because they don’t even have the time to sleep. They are always in the practice room polishing their powerful and perfectly synchronized group dances or in the work area composing and writing lyrics.

They always look so powerful and sexy on stage but when the camera turns off, they become their usual dorky and playful selves. They are so real and aren’t doing anything to hide it because idols are normal people too. They are striving for new heights and reaching new levels but sometimes they just seem so small and precious just like little teenagers out there. It reminds me how young they still are when they play and joke around with each other, when they cherish a little plushie like their precious treasure, when they couldn’t stop sobbing after seeing their parents among the crowd in the concert, when they laugh so hard when a member does something stupid, when they hurt themselves while doing difficult dance moves. It makes me really wanna hug them tightly and tell them everything will be alright when they shed tears or have fears about the big world out there. They are a family with strong bonds and never want to be apart from each other because each of them knows what other members lack and tries to fill them up. They agree to live together and never find it tiresome because they know very well that a team has to paint the same picture to continue rising and that was the key that led them to success.

Despite all the amazing things that have happened, the relationship built between BTS and fans is what truly special. They always believe that every one of ARMYs is important to them and dedicate all their songs to us. They care for each of us and believe that they exist because of their fans and the strength we gave make them able to stand on stage and give their best. Being a true fan isn’t about how long you have been one but never leaving after following them. Sometimes I still feel sorry and stupid for not loving them earlier.

Someday, things will change. Nothing will always be the same. There will be a time when their fame fades, there will be a time when they fall in love with someone, there will be a time when ARMYs get married and have their own kids. They will stand on a stage that will no longer have as many fans as they used to have when they were young. But they will still give their all and live for their dreams and keep going. As long as they can make someone scream for joy, they will keep going. Though they have their doubts, they are happy with where they are now. And though the future scares them and there might be no everlasting fans, they will keep going. They believe in a forever, and that is now.


Bangtan Boys, BTS – Born To Slay

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