Bogle Gel Doll

I’m finally back with something new again (waves hello~). How long has it been? 3 months I guess. Here’s a Bogle Gel Doll from the korean drama “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin)”. It’s one of my favourite dramas now for its aesthetic cinematography, beautiful script, memorable moments of characters and all the deep values it hides.

By the way, here’s another long story. I’ve started my foundation study in university after leaving high school. I opted for this instead of staying in high school and completing form 6. I’m the kind of people that battery runs low after about 8 hours and need to take a long nap to recharge. When I was in high school, I looked like a zombie every day because waking up before 6am was such a nightmare and the classes just seemed to go on and on forever.

I think I’m enjoying the life I’m having right now. Well, I left because I wanted a change, I wanted something better, so I’ve got to prove it then. Assignments and mid-term tests are coming in waves. Group assignment is when you realize the true colours of someone. Even good friends may end up quarrelling. And when you are in a group of useless people, that’s when you feel frustrated and tired of them not doing any shit.

I have long breaks between classes so I just crash the library to sleep all the time (me being a usual sleepy piggy). I have freedom; fewer rules controlling me everywhere. No one cares if you don’t trim your nails, no one cares if you don’t pull your socks till ankle high, no one cares if you don’t tie your hair, no one cares if you fall asleep in class, no one cares if you don’t do your homework. Everything is on your own.

And I rent a room near campus now. Everything feels different when you live alone without your family outside. Eating mixed rice instead of home cooked food, wanting to buy something but don’t feel like wasting money so you have to give up, doing chores in your condo unit. I have a nice roommate. She’s nice and caring, takes care of me well like a sister. She’s noisy and naggy sometimes, being like a mum. When she is not around, it’s kind of lonely and empty. When we are free, we play till late at night, and the next day we go to school looking like zombies.

I did pretty well in small tests a few weeks ago. Sometimes my friends will joke that if you want to get high grades, sleep as much as Jasmine does, she probably dreams about lecture notes. Meh, obviously not (laugh), more like dreaming about what to eat later. I guess it’s just that my high school standard is so high that now everything isn’t really hard for me (thank god for my freaking high level chinese independent school).

I never really thought about the future, what I’ll be and where I’ll go. I don’t ace in anything so all I can do is go with the current flow and see where it leads me to. I’m taking media and creative studies for my degree after completing foundation. My friend and I met a senior the other day and she told us quite a lot about this degree. I think I’ll like it since stuff like photography and editing are my cup of tea. Even though it may be tiring and busy as we have lots of assignments to do and not very many people take this course but every course has their hardships.

I just got my SPM (Malaysia’s high school public exam) result and I feel okay with it. Pretty much what I expected I’d get although maybe I could have done better (always saying this every time I get any results). My dad is fulfilling his promise he made that we would have a vacation in Korea if I get good grades (hip hip hurray!). I’ve started learning korean in a language centre 3 months ago. I’m a pretty fast learner but the grammar is quite hard and I suck at speaking. I hope by the end of the year my korean language skill can be put into good use for my korea trip.

By the way, this doll is given to my brother’s girlfriend as she is a k-drama fan as well.

Pattern by @meemanan

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