Baby Groot

After watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2, my roommate has been seriously obsessed with baby groot. So here’s a little birthday gift for ya. Happy birthday again by the way (if you’re reading this).

My roommate and I are hanging out pretty good right now. When we first lived together, it was a little awkward cause I’m not a talky person and she was trying hard to find topics to get our conversation going. I’m not a bitchy person but I’m kinda cold on the outside so I need people to hype me up. She has done lots of effort to finally melt my ice mountain and get us to this stage we have right now. I’m pretty thankful for it actually. Nowadays when we talk about the days before and what we were actually doing at those moments, it’s hilarious cause both of us were “spying” on what each other are doing and thinking what is going on in each other’s minds. So yeah, I really hope she likes this little groot. It was hella time consuming, especially sewing on the hair one by one (so you better like it).

It’s semester break now but I’m not doing anything productive, to be honest. Just making a few amigurumi, going out with friends, preparing gifts for all those birthday girls. A month of holiday sounded really long but in reality, time flies so fast and right now it’s like one week before school reopens. Omg *waterfall of tears*

My results for 1st semester came out. I’m surprised and relieved that I did well. Back in high school, I was always just above average as there were so many subjects and so many freaking things to memorize. I hope I can keep it up for the next two semesters but they seem kinda hard (I mean hella hard). I’m aiming for scholarship cause I have never taken one before so I wonder how it feels like haha but it’s like toying myself with unrealistic dream cause needing to keep your cgpa that high forever is sooo tiring. I’ll just try my best I guess.

Pattern by @53stitches

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