Amigurumi Belle

Have you ever realized that many people have birthdays in May? Well, I don’t know why either but May is definitely the gift-giving period. I’m the kind of person that likes giving out presents and also receiving them. Normally I only make amigurumi when I want to give it to someone but sometimes it feels ironic because they take up a whole evening and in the end I don’t get to keep them. I realized that I haven’t made anything for myself since a long time ago. Hmm…what should I make then? Once the person has received an amigurumi, I’ll give something else instead next year and so forth because you can’t always give people little yarn dolls ehh? Some people prefer something more special and worthy. The more of what is given, the less unique it becomes.

This little belle and other stuff will be heading off to Japan as birthday gift for my japanese friend. I hope it arrives to her safely. We have been keeping in touch through LINE after my stay in her house last year. I have never sent anything overseas before so it shocked me that the postage is so freaking expensive. She has sent me letters and cards a few times so I think I should send her something too. She said she is coming to Malaysia in August for a vacation so I’m really looking forward to that.

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