How I Got Into Them?

After the very last year 6 exam in primary school, everyone had nothing to do and was bored to death. Some of my friends went to a craft store and picked up knitting lessons so I went too. Ever since then, I got hooked. I didn’t go back to the craft store anymore but self-taught myself all the other techniques in knitting and crocheting. Yes, I knit and crochet but no, I’m not old. They keep me from unraveling and becoming motiveless every day. In the rhythm of the needles, there is music for the soul. This is my superpower, so what’s yours?

Knitting VS Crocheting

Personally, I love knitting more than crocheting because I knit faster and suffer hand pain when I crochet for too long. I find the difficult patterns more interesting and the stitches prettier. However, I really love amigurumi because I’m seriously obsessed with adorable stuffs. We can make almost anything we love with amigurumi. How amazing!

Why I Love Them?

Knitting and crocheting come in handy because I always find it hard to decide what presents to give my friends. No one can hate a pretty and cute gift made with love and effort. Making yourself something makes one feel accomplished and happy as it’s always nicer to make something on your own than buying it. Do pick up this amazing hobby and have lots of fun with it! Keep calm and cast on!

Some of My Favourites

Stephanie from @allaboutami

Mei from @amiguruMEI

Momo from @momomigurumi

Ruth Thompson from @kawaii_studios

Marissa & Sami from @momomints