A Week in Vietnam & Cambodia

I’m so sorry for disappearing for such a long time. I know the website is rotting already (haha). Please don’t be sad pandas and leave me (cries).

I went for a vacation to Vietnam and Cambodia with my mum for 7 days. Well, we are like little sheeps, easily getting lost in the wild, so let’s just do it the simple way – we followed a tour organized by Reliance. To summarize everything, we departed to Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) on 1/12, traveled to Siem Reap (Cambodia) the next day, then went to Hanoi (Vietnam) on 4/12. The whole schedule wasn’t really rushed although we did traveled quite a lot but 4 flights in 7 days gave me headaches and head dizziness. There wasn’t a hotel that I stayed for more than 2 days. I was literally lying flat on my bed when I finally got home.

Okay, now let’s just hop right in to the moments and photos I would love to share with you guys. Please excuse my terrible photographing skills though because I didn’t edit any of the photos (me being too lazy).

Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)


I sympathize Vietnamese because they had wars for so many years and have peace for barely 20 years, or maybe less. Millions of lives were sacrificed and thousands of families were ruined. Now that all they wish for is to live in peace and harmony, then they would be happy.

The famous photo


Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Our tour guide is super knowledgeable and experienced. He knows every stories and history behind every carvings, pillars and doors, literally EVERYTHING. But he is seriously really really talkative. We were all really excited when we reached a destination and were busy walking around and taking pictures, but he would ask us to gather around and we had to listen to his talks and explanations for more than 15 minutes. Even the elephant rides had finished their rounds and people coming later than us had went in already, and we were still gathering at the same spot, under the same tree, staring at him, and listening to him talking non-stop.

There was one time where he was telling a little about the carvings on one of the doors. Then he said, “Okay, if you guys want, you can sit around here and listen to me tell the whole story of Rama and his brothers fighting for the throne for 10 minutes”. We were almost done with Angkor Wat by then and were super tired, so we decided to sit down, listen to his stories, and take a rest in the meantime. To be honest, I wasn’t paying much attention and heard barely 10% of it (sorry).

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

We went to Tonle Sap the next day and had a little boat ride. Everything floats there. Schools, churches, basketball courts, restaurants, shops. Boats are their main transportation, just like how cars are to us. The river looks a little like milo though (haha).

Hanoi & Halong Bay (Vietnam)


We arrived at night and it was quite cold because it rained. I really love the weather in Hanoi because although it is winter, it is wet and humid instead of being dry like other countries.

We departed straight to Halong Bay the next day and I finally got the chance to go on a cruise hooray! The cruise was quite small so there weren’t many activities to do. Mum and I went up the deck to take photos and were busy fighting for the window spot in the cabin all the time to take hundreds of beautiful pictures while we were cruising along Halong Bay. We kept the small window opened most of the time to listen to the soothing sound of the waves and feel the cool breeze. Overall, it was really relaxing.

We couldn’t really have a glimpse of the sunset because there were grey clouds everywhere (Mr Sun being lazy :/)We also took a little boat ride to the fishing village there. Our cruise’s captain said that the fishes we ate for dinner were bought from them too.

The next morning, the cruise had this TaiChi activity on the deck after breakfast. It was freaking cold so I went up for like 10 minutes and went back for hiding again.

Then, we went to visit the largest cave in Halong Bay.IMG_0200
That’s the cave, right here >>>




After 437 steps, here are some interesting stuffs you’ll get…


Halong Bay

I’ve not been to many other countries or places yet but Halong Bay is definitely the most beautiful place I’ve ever been for now. I wish to come back again in future and I really do hope that it will stay beautiful forever. Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints.

We left Halong Bay and went back to Hanoi after that. It’s quite a long journey between Halong Bay and Hanoi – taking 4 hours. I was literally sleeping or swiping my phone all the time. There is wifi everywhere in Vietnam, even on the bus. Other than walking and taking pictures, what I do most of the time were eating and sleeping, so I’ve gone a little tired of eating now.

And the very last destination was this Ho Chi Minh’s vestige in the presidential palace area. Unfortunately, it was closed for visits on Mondays and Fridays, so we could only roam around outside. Our tour guide said that there were people like spies, checking and listening to stuff people talk. So he has to be really careful with his words, or he will get into big trouble. Ho Chi Minh had a huge palace, awesome cars and beautiful houses but he chose to live in a tree house in the end (LOL).

Back to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Mum n I got the reallyyy last row of seats on the plane, so it was freaking hard to sleep because of the stewardess and stewards walking around doing stuff, people going in and out of the toilets, and the annoying sound of the toilet flush urghhh.

I was literally hopping home when I got off the plane and completely out of battery when I finally got home. Going for vacations are fun and awesome but I feel super tired every time I get back. I take 30 minutes to pack but a week to unpack.

However, there are some really interesting facts I got from the trip though. Vietnamese can’t really pronounce ‘s’, just like how Koreans can’t pronounce ‘v’ and ‘f’. When I first arrived there, I had to listen really carefully to what the tour guide says as it was quite hard to understand him because of his accent and all the missing ‘s’. And they pronounce ‘six’ as ‘sick’, so when the tour guide said, “Okay guys, morning call will be at sick thirty tomorrow!”. Oh boy, waking up that early made me felt sick too lol.

As for Cambodians, they are too good with ‘s’. Our tour guide literally added ‘s’ behind all of his words. We joked and called it the S-english. Vietnamese and Cambodian’s english aren’t really good, the words they speak best are the words they use most in their daily lives, like yes, no, ok, discount, XX dollars. If you speak long sentences of English to them, they will look at you like “Ok enough with your english bombs, speak human language”.

And a bunch of Vietnamese kept saying that I look a lot like them and some of them even spoke Vietnamese to me, and I literally looked at them like o_o?! Even my mum thought that too because I’m short, skinny and have darker skin compared to others. Mum and I are considered super short in Malaysia, but in Vietnam, we are normal sized, just like them (hehehe~).

I had so much fun in Vietnam and Cambodia and truly enjoyed myself there. It’s the first time mum and I travelled so faraway together. I wish I have a chance to go to Hanoi, especially Halong Bay again, maybe on a larger and more awesome cruise hehe?

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